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Testimonials from our customers are one of the benchmarks by which we measure our performance. When we say 100% satisfaction, we mean 100% satisfaction. Our customers are the heart of our business, and our reputation is shaped by their satisfaction. We take pride in the remarks that we have posted below. They are written by customers who have had an extraordinary experience with our service. If you have had a great experience with HB Computers as well, we invite you to submit your comments by emailing us at Info@HBComputerZ.com. As always we welcome and value your input!

Dr. Gandhi, MD, Orange County, CA

"I didn’t know what was wrong with my server. It was going really slow. HB Computers came out, and it turned out to be a faulty cable in the crawl space. They fixed it quickly, and I was back up to speed in no time."

Jerry & Jeanne, Orange County, CA

"We have two computers. My wife has a laptop, and we just bought a new printer. HB Computers was able to arrange it so that all of our equipment is on one network and is wireless. Thanks HB Computers!"

Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce, Orange County, CA

"We are extremely pleased with how quickly HB Computers showed up to install and setup my network and with their follow-through to ensure that everything was working properly. I will definitely continue to use HB Computers when we need computer services in the future."

Steve Clark and Rachael Turbull, Los Angeles, CA

"We had our computer crash but were lucky enough to be a customer of HB Computers computer services. They were at our house within a couple of hours! They also had us already set up with a backup system that saved my fanny."

Richard Law Office, Los Angeles, CA

"HB Computers delivered absolutely flawless service! I wouldn’t trust my computers with anyone else. I’m tempted to download a virus on purpose just to see them work. (I’m just kidding). I love having these guys available when I need them. After 20 years in the computer industry, they are the best I have ever used."

Steve Grabowski, UPS, Orange County, CA

"We have utilized HB Computers services for our company computer issues, and they have been prompt, professional and extremely effective. It has been a pleasure to work with such knowledgeable technicians."

John Holmquist/Timothy K. Cro, (Merrill Lynch), Los Angeles, CA

"I found HB Computers to be very professional and incredibly easy to work with. They were responsive (we’re not talking nanoseconds, but close) and worked with us every step of the way. The project from start to finish was seamless, and we beat our deadline."

Tony Sanchez (Xerox), Orange County, CA

"Again, I want to reiterate that it’s been great doing business with HB Computers. They are knowledgeable and professional technicians."

Huntington Beach Conference and Visitors Bureau, Orange County, CA

"Just a note to give a huge THANK YOU for the amazing job you did for us here at Huntington Beach Conference and Visitors Bureau. Work was done quickly and professionally. Monthly Maintenance Service contract works out great for us."

Cutting Edge, Orange County, CA

"Thanks for your honest computer advice! Please use us as a reference to any prospective clients."

H.W.Eckhardt Corporation, Orange County, CA

"You run a tight business….we like your style! Thanks and we will work together again."

R.M Equipment, Orange County, CA

"Really appreciate your work. This shows how much you care about your customers. You made my day!"

Crystal Cathedral, Orange County, CA

"I am impressed with the service you have provided. I rate it as excellent! Other companies gave me the run around."

Food Innovation LLC, Orange County, CA

"Thank you for your time. I’m really impressed with your professionalism, and I will be referring you to other businesses I know."

Global Security Concept, Los Angeles, CA

"I highly recommend your company for its fast response and customer relations!"

PSC, Los Angeles, CA

"HB Computers are highly knowledgeable and professional technicians."

PR Talent, Orange County, CA

"It has been a pleasure dealing with such a professional company. Let’s go ahead with the production."

National Assets Recovery, Orange County, CA

"The technician was very professional and knowledgeable. I will use this service again for sure."

Vision Realty & Funding, Los Angeles, CA

"Thanks a lot for all the good work you did on this project with me; it’s been really great. It’s an example of great teamwork. Thank you!"

Kemmerer Design & Associates, Orange County, CA

"You provided amazing service and support. Meetings our deadlines were no easy task."

Huntington Beach Realty, Orange County, CA

"HB Computers consistently provides great service with amazing on-time delivery. Many Thanks!"

W.E.Financial, Inc., Orange County, CA

"IT’S ALL DONE! It works great, and we’re getting positive feedback already. Thanks."

South Coast Investment Properties, OrangeCounty, CA

"Thanks for all the effort you made to put together the Complete Network Solution for my office. I am very satisfied with your work. Your help is very valuable. I trust you and will refer you to all my friends."