Server Support

Your server is the heartbeat of your productivity. Any downtime, no matter how short, can affect your company’s bottom line. Even if your system is for your own personal use, any interruption of services wastes precious time.

Server management is really not an option. It is critical for optimum performance. A properly managed server will make your life easier because you will never have to worry about reliability or the possibility of down time.

Whether your server is Apple, Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo or another brand, HB Computers provides expert server management and monitoring – including installation, setup, diagnosis, repair, maintenance, server security, and performance tuning.

If you need your server to be configured for networking and protection, we offer support for the following servers;

  • File Server (using SMB, CIFS protocols)
  • FTP Server (using port 21, 22)
  • Print Server
  • Backup Server
  • Antiviral Server
  • P2P Networking Server
  • Web Server using IIS
  • Application Servers
  • Virtual Server (HyperV)

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