IT Solutions for HIPAA Compliance


When the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) took effect in 2001, healthcare organizations struggled to implement technical safeguards to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of their patients’ private health-related information.

If you are one of these healthcare organizations, it’s important to know that the number of HIPAA data breaches has soared 138%. As these data breaches increase, healthcare organizations are looking for ways to stay compliant with HIPAA regulations.

HB Computers is HIPAA trained and certified to take care of all of your data security needs. We have the capacity and the experience to provide a full range of comprehensive HIPAA compliance solutions so that you will not be subject to hefty fines, loss of patient confidence, damaged reputation and even possible organization closure. We are extremely proud of our competency in this important segment of our work and look forward to helping you stay abreast of and staying compliant with HIPAA regulations.

Our IT team of experts can help you stay in compliance with HIPAA by:

  • Educating your employees about current rules and regulations
  • Performing a risk assessment to determine your organization’s vulnerability
  • Implementing the highest level of security measurements
  • Providing data backup and disaster recovery solutions
  • Providing thorough documentation of actions taken for added compliance

HB Computers understands that most healthcare organizations are operating in complex technology environments. Let us protect your organization’s private data from:

  • Hardware or power failure
  • Human error
  • Malware and viruses
  • Natural disasters

Don’t risk your patients’ confidentiality or your organization’s reputation! Call us today at 714-969-3001 or email us at to learn more about how HB Computers can help your organization remain HIPAA compliant!