IT Evaluations – Systems & Security

When it comes to optimum efficiency, protection and productivity in your computer system, it’s important that there are no potential problems that may threaten the integrity of your data, your security or your input/output capabilities. Vulnerable systems can be a breeding ground for viruses and other security issues. HB Computers stays abreast of the most recent technological advances, applications and security measures and is fully competent in ensuring that your system is both safe and highly functional.

Our professional will assess your IT systems in terms of performance and risk management to identify any malware, virus and or sub-standard IT implementation regarding security and user controls. The objective is to determine if your IT system is safeguarding your assets, maintaining data integrity and operating effectively to meet your business needs according to industry standards.

Our assessment includes, but is not limited to:

  • Password and logon procedures
  • Window’s firewall
  • Configuration and update schedule
  • Administrator controls
  • Memory capabilities
  • Network access
  • Network security
  • Backup protocols
  • Device management
  • File and directory restoration capabilities
  • Remote access capabilities
  • Work station capabilities
  • Server capabilities
  • Wi-Fi capabilities
  • Intranet and extranet capabilities

Pricing starts at $299 for a small business environment with one server and up to five workstations. This service includes an estimated three hours of technical work and full report.

Schedule an appointment to evaluate your system and security today! Payments are welcome through our PayPal option. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 714-969-3001.