Over the years, our professional staff members have answered many questions posed by our customers. Our goal is to provide information that is clear, succinct and useful. The questions below represent those that have been most commonly asked. If you would like to learn more about one of the topics, or if you have a question that is not represented on our list, please don’t hesitate to call us at 714-969-3001 or email us at Support@HBComputerZ.com. As always, HB Computers is dedicated to superior customer service at all times. No question is too small or too complex for our undivided attention.

Why is my CPU usage so high?

How important is it to partition my hard drive?

Why do motherboards fail?

What is a File System Corruption ?

If I spill water, coffee, or wine on my MacBook and laptops, what should I do?

What does the term Malwarebytes mean?

What is a hard drive failure and why does it happen so often?

Why do I keep getting infected with viruses?

Can a Mac computer get a virus?

Is there a way to make my computer run faster?

What can I do if my computer freezes up?

How can I prevent spam in my emails?

How do I fix the Windows blue screen errors?

Can I remotely access my DVD-ROM or my External HDD on one of my home computers?

Can I connect remotely to my office PC from home so that I can do some overdue jobs?

Do, I need an Antivirus software to run on my computer?

How can I protect my data?

Can you downgrade my computer from current version of Windows to a previous version?

My Wireless network is not persistent. What can I do to make it better?

My computer acts weird. I ran an Antivirus software and Antispyware, and they indicate that I have no viruses. But why does my system still act weird with hangs, crashes and freezes. What is happening?

What kind of computer repairs can you do?

Does it cost a lot of money to diagnose a problem on my Mac or PC?

I know you can fix my computer – but what about network support?

I think I may need to buy a new computer. Mine is starting to have problems. Do you have any advice?

I don’t have time to bring my business computer in for repairs. What are my options?

I have a personal computer that needs servicing. Is there any way that you can pick it up and deliver it when it is fixed?

What kind of virus protection should I have?

Some other companies provide remote services. Are you able to do that too?

I’ve heard that it makes sense to have a plan that maintains my computer system on a regular basis. Do you agree?

What are my options if I want a better computer?

How qualified are your technicians?

My IBM server is having problems. Can you work on it?

Help! I’ve lost some important files! What can I do!

Tell me something about your customer satisfaction policy.